Terms and Conditions




Business relationships between ECOSERVICE DI SANTARELLI PAOLO and Clients are regulated exclusively by the following general terms of sales, excluding any other agreements not confirmed in written form. Order entry through a reserved area of the Client (www.es-ecoservice.it/www.es-ecoservice.com), implies the acceptance of the following conditions.



ECOSERVICE DI SANTARELLI PAOLO sells exclusively to resellers and authorized (in accordance with current legislation on trade) operators to re-sell material for office, IT and consumables. Requests for registrations coming from different types of operators from the ones mentioned here above can either be granted or rejected at the incontestable discretion of ECOSERVICE DI SANTARELLI PAOLO. In any case, requests of registration without VAT number/Fiscal code that identify the Client will be rejected.



Orders are accepted solely and exclusively if sent in written form or received in electronic form. The Client who sends an “on-line” order will receive, at the end of the procedure, a mail with the order confirmation, a summary of the order including prices and quantities with an order number.

The order confirmation by ECOSERVICE DI SANTARELLI PAOLO is followed by a notifying mail to the e-mail address given at the moment of the registration. It is recalled that according to the real product availability, detected and verified by the sales manager of ECOSERVICE DI SANTARELLI PAOLO , and/or in case of agreement with the Client, quantities and relative prices indicated in the order confirmation may change. It is noted, also, that during order confirmation and in the successive phase of order processing at ECOSERVICE DI SANTARELLI PAOLO, further accessory expenses may be charged to the Client, such as freight costs. It is also noted that partial shipments may be considered, as well. ECOSERVICE DI SANTARELLI PAOLO, at its sole discretion, reserves the right not to take charge, not accept and / or cancel orders of goods received through any channel that are of a total amount of less than 100 euros (VAT excluded). On the explicit request by client, an order of total amount less than 100 euros will be processed only after additional orders when the total amount will be over than 100,00 euros (VAT excluded).



All prices included in the catalogue, in the web site www.es-ecoservice.it/www.es-ecoservice.com or communicated through other channels to the Client are to be intended ex works prices in euro, unless otherwise agreed with the Sales manager. The price is the one reported in the order confirmation. Prices and eventual discounts can be modified at any moment, without any notice, unless the Client decides in any case to proceed with the order accepting the payment at correct prices.



In the website www.es-ecoservice.it/www.es-ecoservice.com you can find information about product availability: searching a product in the product catalogue, you’ll find quantities in stock, updated every 6 hours, or otherwise you’ll find qualitative type of information relative to the availability of products in terms of high/medium/low availability. As the access and possibility to forward on-line orders may change in real time the availability of products, ECOSERVICE DI SANTARELLI PAOLO does not guarantee the certainty of ordered products, until the order is visible in the area “ my orders” with the status “in delivery” or “delivered”.



The purchased goods are delivered by courier to the address specified by the Client at the moment of the order. The user is only responsible of the shipping address provided. Delivery takes about 5/7 working days after the order has shipped, less where exist different agreement between ECOSERVICE DI SANTARELLI PAOLO and the Client. The shipment is organized by Ecoservice di Stantarelli Paolo through its carriers and the freight cost will be added in the commercial invoice. The delivers' timeframe is estimated and it can change for force majeure, traffic o any other cause that is beyond ECOSERVICE DI SANTARELLI PAOLO reasonable control. ECOSERVICE DI SANTARELLI PAOLO can’t be considered as the responsible for any delays caused by acts of third part. Deliveries are made by truck between 8.30 am and 6 pm, from Monday to Friday, unless the parties agreed otherwise.ECOSERVICE DI SANTARELLI PAOLO carries out - on request - a Dropshipping service on behalf of the client. For purchase orders with a total amount less than 100.00 euros, the Dropshipping service will be organized but an extra cost (Processing costs) of 4 euros will be applied and charged in the commercial invoice.



In case of ex-works conditions, the carrier is chosen by Client. ECOSERVICE DI SANTARELLI PAOLO  is not responsible for any loss or damages of goods from the moment of pick-up of goods from Client’s carrier.



The goods are being sent in free port, assured with charge in the commercial invoice, in case the goods are being sent in freight forward, behind indications of the Client, the risk is to be considered upon the Client from the delivery of the goods to the carrier from the its own warehouse. At the moment of the goods’ delivery, the Client must verify the integrity of the package and the quantitative and qualitative correspondence with what indicated in the shipping document. In case of non-conformity, it must be signaled on the same shipping document and confirmed within calendar 10 days via fax or via registered letter against acknowledgment of receipt to ECOSERVICE DI SANTARELLI PAOLO. Even if in presence of intact package, the goods must be checked within 10 calendar days from the date of receipt. Eventual anomalies deriving from damages or transportation must be signaled to ECOSERVICE DI SANTARELLI PAOLO within 10 days of calendar days from the receipt. Every report, over the abovementioned terms, it will not be taken in account and it will not be processed. For every statement the Client must assume the full responsibility of what has been stated. The supplies are being processed with the clause of retention of title in favor of the ECOSERVICE DI SANTARELLI PAOLO pursuant the article 1523 of the Italian Civil Code and the following. In case the Client/Buyer shall be in late with the amount had to give to the society of ECOSERVICE DI SANTARELLI PAOLO owner of the supply, the society may solve the contract and request the immediate refund of goods.



The goods must be paid according to the terms agreed with ECOSERVICE OF SANTARELLI PAOLO. The terms of payment agreed with the Client are visible to the Client in his own reserved area. ECOSERVICE OF SANTARELLI PAOLO reserve’s its own right to not proceed with the shipment of the goods, even after having accepted the order, to those Clients that results “out of credit”, in other words “ unpaid” or “ in controversy”, in other words with bank transfer not already irrevocable and/or confirmed.



The Client can ask the cancellation of the order or part of it, ECOSERVICE OF SANTARELLI PAOLO reserves the acceptance of cancellation of it. The request of cancellation (and the acceptance of it) must happen in written form.



The return of the goods to ECOSERVICE OF SANTARELLI PAOLO should be asked through the compilation of the module of returns (RMA) downloadable from the site www.es-ecoservice.it, with the indication of the reasons of the request itself, by quoting the reference of the commerciale invoice and/or DDT and it will have to be directly authorized by ECOSERVICE OF SANTARELLI PAOLO. The return of the goods should be processed only through authorization and appointment of the identification number of the return. The condition of return can be further consulted at the internet site: www.es-ecoservice.it to the following link.



Eventual mistakes in the shipment or lack of materials must be signaled, in written form and/or online within 10 days from the receiving of the goods.



The warranty on the product lasts for 1 year starting from the date of purchase of the product itself, period of time over that the ECOSERVICE OF SANTARELLI PAOLO consider itself free from any obligations to the Client. For all the period covered by the warranty, the Client has the right to ask and proceed with the return and to get the substitution of the good without any kind of charge. The warranty does not cover the empties or used for more of the 50% of their capacity. The warranty does not cover, in addition, any kind of defect caused by misuse or bad managing by the Client  or by the final end-user. All the request of warranty deriving from Clients with insolvency, will be rejected, in all cases, even if partial, on expired payment. It would be possible, prior to final judge of the ECOSERVICE OF SANTARELLI PAOLO, the acceptance of return covered by warranty, by attaching the prove of occurred payment, together with the module of returns (RMA).



Pursuant to the Italian Legislative Decree 30th of June 2003 n.196, the Client acknowledge that the personal data given or exchanged, even if in pre-contractual informative’s phase, will be object of treatment according to the legislative decree, with the effects and the purpose of which the article 24, paragraph 1, letter b) and subsequent modifications and integration of the same. It remais valid that the Client expressly agrees with the transfer of the personal data as described and with the effects of the article 43, paragraph 1, letter b) of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 and, in all cases, to their diffusion and communication.


For any kind of controversy that should erupt, the court of Macerata (Italy) will be competent, in an exclusive way.



The conditions written in the present document might be changed without any kind of warning and they will be considered valid from the date of publication on the site www.es-escoservice.it


Pursuant to and with the effects by the article 1341 of the Italian Civil Code, the Client states to have read carefully the general conditions of sales in all points, and after carefully reading, to accept expressly all the clauses, hereafter included, specifically, the following vexatious clauses: article 3 (Orders), article 4 (Prices), article 5 (Availability of the products), article 6 (Shipment and delivery), article 8 (Risk and properties), article 9 (Payments), article 11 (Return of the goods), article 12 (Complaint), article 13 (Warranty), article 15 (Controversies).

Last update: 07/01/2020